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Vintage SCUBA BOOKS Wanted

Scuba Books Wanted
I am currently seeking the following books for my literature collection. Please contact me with title, condition, and price.
  • 20,000 Jobs Under the Sea, by Dan Walsh, 1997
  • Basic Scuba, 1st and 2nd Editions, by Fred Roberts
  • Combat Beneath the Sea, by Major Willy Charles Brou
  • Don’t Forget the Diver, by C. A. Chard, 1958
  • Epics of Salvage, by David Masters
  • Frogmen of Burma
  • Hard Hat Divers Wear Dresses, by Bob Kirby
  • I Like Diving, by Tom Eadie, 1929
  • Marine Salvage Operations, by Edward Brady, 1960
  • More Than Nine Lives, by Al and Norma Hanson
  • Mud, Muscle and Miracles, by C. E. Bartholomew, 1990
  • Navy Diver, by Victor Boesen, 1943
  • Shallow Water Diving for Pleasure and Profit, by Hillbert Schenk, 1950
  • The Compleat Goggler, by Guy Gilpatric
  • The Deep-Sea Diver, by Robert Martin, 1978
  • The Master Diver and Underwater Sportsman, by Captain T. A. Hampton, 1970
  • The Tin Openers, by Kendall McDonald, 2003
  • The U.S. Frogmen of World War II, by Wyatt Blassingame, 1964
  • Twenty Years Under the Sea, by J. E. Williamson, 1936
  • Under the Sea with Helmet and Camera, by Felix DuPont, 1940
  • Underwater Saboteur, by Max Manus, 1953
  • Underwater Photography, by Hillbert Schenk, 1954
  • Underwater Work, by John E Cayford, 1959
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