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Vintage Scuba Supply - Frequently Asked Questions


Equipment – Use, Care and Repair FAQ

Do you service two hose regulators?
I service and repair most two hose regulators, and a few vintage single hose as well, such as US Divers (except Aquamatics), Voit, and AMF Swimaster (Mares) MR12. For more information on obtaining regulator service, click here.

Is it safe to use a vintage two hose regulator?
Scuba diving debuted in 1943 with the invention of the two hose regulator, by Jacque Cousteau and Emile Gagnan. The double hose regulator was in production from about 1947 until about 1998, when Nemrod went out of business and stopped making the Snark III. The two hose regulator was so reliable, simple, and safe, that the production lasted for over 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of divers have used them over the years, and they still have a big following today. If the two hose regulator is properly serviced and used by a competent diver, it is just as reliable as any single hose regulator.

What is the best way to care for, clean, and store my two hose regulator?
In my opinion,  the regulator should be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water (after use in sea water). Be sure that you have the dust cap installed so no water gets into the high pressure area. Let dry thoroughly, and store in a cool, dark place. Some people use silicone products to preserve the hoses, mouthpiece, diaphragm, etc. I don’t think these products are necessary if the rubber has been cleaned, dried, and stored properly.

Is it safe to use my two hose regulator with 3,000 p.s.i. tank pressures?
95% of the two hose regulators ever built were designed when the maximum tank pressures available were around 2250 p.s.i. or less. With this in mind, I can’t recommend using your vintage two hose regulator with more than around 2400 p.s.i. A couple exceptions are the late model Nemrod Snark III and the Voit Trieste II, which were designed for 3,000 p.s.i.

Other questions about use, care and repair?
We have a terrific discussion forum/bulletin board with information about all aspects of vintage scuba diving. Ask questions or initiate a discussion with other vintage divers. Click here to visit the forum!

Buying, Selling and Trading FAQ

What is my vintage scuba item worth?
The best way to determine the “market” or “collector” value of a particular item is to search completed auctions on eBay for similar items. I think eBay is fantastic tool for both buyers and sellers of any type of collectible. If you are interested in selling your item on eBay, please do your own research.

Would you like to buy my vintage scuba item?
I am a serious collector of antique scuba gear and I am always interested in buying unique items for my collection. Please send me an email with a complete description of the item, its condition, asking price and photos, if available. If interested, I will ask you to send the item to me for inspection, and will send payment within 48 hours of receipt if the item is as described. If not as described, I will return the item at my expense. Please note, I NEVER send payment beforehand. I have people contact me from all over stating they have something for sale when in fact they do not. I just can’t afford to lose any more money. If this won’t work for you, I apologize, but I am firm on this point.

There is no “Buy Now” button next to the item I wish to purchase. How do I buy?
Because we sell a variety of unique items (many of which we only have one of in stock), most of our site is not automated. Just send us an email noting the item(s) you wish to buy, and we will calculate shipping for you and inform you of payment options.

Can I call in my order and use my credit card?
We are sorry, but we cannot process credit card orders over the phone at this time. We only accept credit cards through the online venue PayPal. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, just let us know. We can send you an electronic invoice to make the transaction easier for you.

Are you “vintage.scuba” on eBay?
No. I am “vintagescubasupply”.

Other questions about buying, selling, and trading vintage gear?
We have a terrific discussion forum/bulletin board with information about all aspects of vintage scuba diving. Ask questions or initiate a discussion with other vintage divers. Click here to visit the forum!

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