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If you have photos you would like to share of a dive experience using vintage scuba gear, please attach them in an email and send to Photos subject to approval.

European vintage diving enthusiasts, Frank Werthwein of Germany
and Jean Grepinet of France.

Jean Grepinet, using a French Royal Mistral
regulator mounted on a German Dräger seven liter tank, together with a Dräger weight belt.

In June of 2009, European "Friends of Vintage Diving" met at "Marx- Lake" near Speyer in Germany.  It is located in the middle of western Europe, so they all do not have too far to travel. So far the "Friends" have members from Holland, Poland, France and Germany. Here they are preparing for their vintage dive.

Franz Rothbrust fixing his vintage gear, a Dräger double seven and a good old "Fenzy".  The inflator is a Scubapro "Air II".

Franz's double seven liter rig from the back. The single hose regulator is a Dräger "Secor 300".

Franz wearing vintage gauges on every arm. The group had a modern equipped security diver keeping an eye on them, Uwe Heigel in the back ground.

Eric Souverville and his legendary "CG 45" which still works "like new".

Frank Werthwein had mounted a very rare "Matter" single hose regulator.

Jean Grepinet using a vintage "Siebe Gorman".

Left to right, Jean Grepinet, Frank Werthwein, and Franz Rothbrust. The trio gathered for a vintage dive in Germany, back in June of 2008.

Dive gear used by the European vintage enthusiasts, from left to right, Royal, Duomat, and Medi regulators.

Clovelly, Sydney
Clarrie Lawler with a very early single hose regulator at Clovelly, Sydney. Australia.1962. Walt Deas photo.

Do not Litter
Fooling around at Clovelly, Sydney. Australia. Mid-1960's. Walt Deas photo.

Rollei SLR
Walt Deas with custom built housing and strobes for the 2 1/2" Rollie SLR camera. Typhoon wetsuit. Fenzy BC. 1968. Photo by Jean Deas at Bare Island, Botany Bay. South of Sydney, Australia.

Bill, Roger, Walt
Bill Hall in a Dunlop drysuit, Roger Bruce in a Typhoon drysuit with a regulator he rebuilt from a Calor gas regulator. Walt Deas in a Heinke drysuit, Siebe Gorman aqualung, Leica camera in a home built perpex housing. 1955. Photo by Jean Deas at local Dundee water filled quarry, Angus, Scotland.

Anthony Morrell, at Wohink Lake, Florence, OR, 2005.

Anthony received this regulator as a gift from his local Dive Master in 2003.

Anthony Morrell, shore diving with his dad, Rick.
Coos Bay, OR, 2008.

Anthony has tried to convert his dad to vintage gear,
but no luck yet. Keep trying, Anthony!

Jim F
Jim Flonacher, in the pool with a DA AquaMaster that he had serviced here at Vintage Scuba Supply.

Jim F
Here is Jim again - his gear also includes a vintage tank and Fenzy horsecollar BC.

Hans Hass
Diving pioneer and real life legend Hans Hass, center, 1996. This photo was taken at the Draeger Diving Center in Travemünde, Germany (located on the shore of the Baltic Sea). Herr Hass visited the center to have his rebreather checked and repaired. It was custom made for him by Draeger. Photo by L. Krüger.

HDS (SEAP) members, in Melbourne, Australia (2008).The small center tank is the world's first single hose SCUBA, the 1952 Porpoise. The small twins are the world's second single hose, the 1954 Sea Bee. Vintage diving here usually includes these early single hose units as they predate the importation of the French style double hose to Australia.

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