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If you have photos you would like to share of a dive experience using vintage scuba gear, please attach them in an email and send to Photos subject to approval.

Frans Carlson, President of the "Inland Divers Vintage Dive Club" of Minnesota, is shown here with his La Spirotechnique Mistral two hose regulator. Crosby Lake, 2003.

Mike Follet, also a member of the Inland Divers club, ready to dive at Crosby in central Minnesota. Crosby was an open pit mine at one time. It is now flooded and makes a great diving spot.

Alberto Romeo of Italy, in 1968, teaching his girl friend Giusy to dive. She is using a Spirotechnique Mistral, and Alberto has a Nemrod Snark III Silver. They are diving at Mondello, in Sicily were they lived.

Here is Alberto in 1970, diving near Ustica Island, near Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea. He is using a Spirotechnique Royal Mistral with Aquastop  mouthpiece, and holding a Nikonos II camera with flash attachment, miniflash, and close-up lens.

Roger and Lisa Miller, doing a vintage dive at Sharks Cove, Oahu, Hawaii. Roger is using a 1960 Healthways model, and Lisa is using a Voit 50 Fathom.

Roger is also a photography buff. Here, he is shooting Lisa on her first dive with vintage gear.

Barry Mikulski is member #10 of the Inland Divers Vintage Dive Club. He is shown here at Perch Lake in July 2003, using a US Divers Mistral.

Jerry Lang, member #2, also diving Perch Lake, July 17, 2003. The lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin get pretty warm by July, so Jerry is wearing a shorty wet suit.

Here is another photo of the founder of Inland Divers Vintage Dive Club, Frans Carlson. He is always looking for new members and fellow vintage divers, so if you are ever in the Minneapolis area, give him a call!

Members of the Inland Divers Vintage Dive club, diving at Square Lake, Minnesota, October 2003. Left to right: Dan Barringer, David Krafft, and Mike Follet. Dave is using a Mistral and Mike is using a DA AquaMaster.

Jeff Herman at the UDT SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Jeff's gear was purchased from Vintage Scuba Supply. The regulator is a DA AquaMaster.

Gary McGee exiting from a 117' dive in Maceday Lake, Pontiac, Michigan, USA, 1973. Gary is using a U.S. Divers Royal Aquamaster two hose Regulator. Gary is still an active "Trimix" diver today. Photo by John Clement.

Members of the Inland Divers Vintage Dive club, January 2004. Frans' vintage group is very active and growing fast!

Roger Miller, diving his rebuilt Voit V66 Navy double hose regulator on the wreck of the Sea Tiger, off Waikiki. Depth 120 feet.

Roger did the dive on twin 72 tanks, with no pressure gauge, but did have a J valve manifold. His partner Lisa took the photos.

Blue Spring, Florida, March 2004. Vintage diver Chuck Tenge of Hillsboro, KY using his Broxton Avenue address U S Divers regulator and tank with original harness.

Blue Spring, Florida, March 2004. Rob Studnicka (left) from Cincinnati, OH using an AquaMaster and Jack Wilhelm (right) from Sarasota, FL using a US Divers Mistral.

Blue Spring, Florida, March 2004. Joe Strickland (left) from Tampa, FL, using a Voit Trieste II, and (right) Bryan Pennington from Overland Park, KA using a Royal Aqua Master.

Blue Spring, Florida, March 2004. Tom Madere of New Orleans, LA, mounting an Aqua Master to a set of doubles with a military harness.

The entire group at Blue Spring. Left to right,  Jack Wilhelm,  Bryan Pennington,  Chuck Tenge,  front Rob Studnicka,  back Joe Strickland, Tom Madere.

Marshall Madere (Tom Madere's nephew) returning from a dive in Lake Ponchartrain in Louisiana in 1968 using a Voit Lung 2 stage.

Newman Smith and Ron Miller, on a body and car recovery in Madisonville, TN. March 26, 1975.

Newman Smith, at Itchtucknee Springs Run Off, May 9, 1969.

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