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If you have photos you would like to share of a dive experience using vintage scuba gear, please attach them in an email and send to Photos subject to approval.

Stuart Jefferies and Dan Barringer preparing for a dive in the North Sea. Stuart is using a Spirotechnique Mistral, and I am using an East German Medi.

In this photo, I am standing on a submerged rock off shore. The tanks I am using are a triple Medi set, and very heavy!

Jerry Lang of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, as a teenager in 1963, showing off his new diving equipment.

Jerry is still an avid diver 40 years later, and is shown here with his Voit two hose regulator and twin tanks.

Frans Carlson, of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, learned to dive while in the military, serving in France in the late 1950's. Here he is shown with his French diving club buddies.

Frans, ice diving in  Minnesota in the early 1960's. I suspect the water temperature is around 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frans belonged to the Minnesota Inland Divers Club in the early 1960's. This shot was taken around 1963, and I believe it involved a lake clean-up project.

Frans resurrected the "Inland Divers Vintage Dive Club" in the new millenium. I am member no. 7, shown here with Jerry and Frans at Perch Lake, Wisconsin, 2002.

These ice divers in the early 1960's are cutting a hole the hard way - with a hand saw. Note the early rubber dry suits.

Another Inland Divers club member, Mike Follet, is shown here with Frans in 2002.

These divers have a good sense of humor, despite the freezing cold water!

If you were a diver in Minnesota in the 1960's, then you would have known of "Jack the Frogman". Here is Jack in 1963, coaching an ice diving event.

Terry Stevens (left) and Ron McKinnon in the Mumford High School Pool, around 1967. Both were members of the Michigan Skin Divers Association. Terry began diving in the early 1960's. In this photo, he is using one of his favorites: a Voit Navy two hose regulator.

Thirty five years later, Terry (left) of Benzonia, Michigan, is still diving and using two hose regulators. He is shown here with his friend Sanford "Coop" Cooper, as they dive together for the first time in thirty-four years. Terry is using a late model Nemrod Snark III.

This is a photo of Bob Harris, taken in 1964 by "Coop" in Alexander Springs, Florida. Bob, now deceased, was a dear friend and dive buddy of "Coop" and Terry in the 1960's.

Notice the classic yellow stripes on Bob's wet suit, and the early model Scubapro regulator. "Coop" used an Argus C3 35mm camera in a Seahawk Mark II housing.

This is my friend Harry Vetter, in his early days back in 1955, in Santa Cruz, California. Harry is using Churchill fins, a Sea Net mask, and black Navy sweater. He started SCUBA diving in the early 1950's, has appeared in Skin Diver magazine, co-authored a book on diving, instructed for LA county in the late 1950's, and still dives today.

Another friend of mine, Jim Flonacher, is a retired police officer now living in Peoria, Arizona. He has been diving since the 1960's and enjoys underwater photography. One of his favorite two hose regulators is a late model Nemrod Snark III, which he is using in this photo.

Kent "Rocky" Rockwell is an avid SCUBA collector and an integral member of the Historical Diving Society. Not only does he do extensive research on vintage two hose regulators, but he completely restores them and provides invaluable and detailed articles for HDS magazine.

US Divers (now Aqualung) was generous enough to loan Rocky a sample of their new military two hose regulator, known as the 'Mentor'. This regulator is not available to the public, and is used for preliminary training for rebreathers. Here, Rocky is disassembling the Mentor, to find out what makes it tick. He says it breathes great!

Pat Regan's NEMOSUIT is an authentic functional replica of Captain Nemo's diving equipment as seen in Walt Disney's 1954 movie version of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and was completed in January of 2003 as a companion project for Pat's submersible, the NAUTILUS MINISUB (photo below). The drysuit and boots were custom made by the original manufacturers that supplied Disney (AQUALA and MORSE); the SCUBA and pony bottle are vintage equipment, same as Disney used;  an Asian pearl diver's helmet was modified to operate from SCUBA like the original; and the exterior mods to the helmet, as well as the regulator fairing, were handmade from metal using behind-the-scenes pictures of the actual movie equipment as a reference.  Even the knife on Nemo's belt is the same! The NEMOSUIT took approximately seven months to make, and at the time of this writing is the World's only functional specimen of this famous design.

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