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If you have photos you would like to share of a dive experience using vintage scuba gear, please attach them in an email and send to Photos subject to approval.

Steele Taylor, an 18 year old American diving in Australia, tries his dad's AquaMaster. Steele has his own Nemrod Snark III.
Vintage SCUBA enthusiasts met for the 2nd annual Florida dive at Blue Spring on the weekend of April 2, 2005. They had a good turn out and great diving conditions. Left to right: Bryan Pennington, Wayne Kinard, Allan Klauda, Fred Morrison, Rob Studnicka, and Tom Madere.

Steve Foulger, professional underwater video photographer, dives a vintage AquaMaster for the first time in his home waters off Maui.
Here, Steve shows off his "new" Voit Viking fins that he recently acquired to go with his double hose regulator. I wish the waters off the Oregon coast were this clear!

Peter Jornstedt of Sweden, in 1959. The rig is Swedish, and was constructed in 1954 by Ake Follin, a member of "The West Coasts Diving Club". It was strictly made for the clubs members for the purpose of a major diving expedition to the Red Sea in 1955.

Peter again, in May 1963, using a Draeger double hose regulator (note the blue hoses) while diving on a wreck in the outer archipelago of Stockholm.

Thanks to Swedish diver Lars Ljungqvist for sending this vintage photo. Lars (left) and Kent Sjogren (right) were Swedish military divers (SEALS) when this photo was taken in 1961. They are shown using Draeger Lt Lung II Rebreathers.
Steve Foulger was going "vintage" long before he started vintage diving. Here he is with his 1960's Econoline pick-up, his U.S. Divers AquaMaster, and his U.S. Divers closed-heel fins.

Franz Eimer and Franz Rothbrust are members of the diving club "Nautilus" in Neustadt, Germany.  Franz Eimer is shown here with his East German Medi regulator and twin tanks.

Franz Rothbrust uses a Drager Duomat and a 30 year old "double seven" set of tanks. There are quite a few very nice diving lakes in southwest Germany, with visibility up to 30 feet. The area of Neustadt is also famous for its wines and beautiful landscapes.

Franz Rothbrust again, is an avid underwater photographer. He uses a Rolleiflex 3003 with a rare underwater housing, redesigned and improved upon by Franz himself.

Franz captured this photo of his friend near a 48 inch Northern Pike. These fish have no fear of humans, and divers can usually get within a couple feet of them. Franz has modified his exhaust housing with a muffler so that the bubbles don't make as much noise, which can frighten the fish away.

Mike Follett of Minneapolis, MN, diving in the crystal clear waters of Bonaire. He is using a US Divers Mistral with reproduction yellow hoses.
Here, Mike is shown diving on a wreck not far off shore.These two photos were taken by his wife, Fiona.

Ryan Spence of Louisville, Colorado, diving at Twin Lakes, where the elevation is 10,000 ft. This may have been the highest altitude vintage dive in recent history! He is using a rare Technisub RAID tank system with a US Divers Royal Aqua Master twin hose regulator.

Dan Barringer of Selma, OR and Mike Follett of Minneapolis, MN, diving the Illinois River just outside of Selma in July of 2004. It may be just a river, but there are pools over 50 ft. deep and the water is warm and clear in the summer time.

Jerry Lang of Coon Rapids, MN, proudly shows off his "new" US Divers triple 44's with Hawaiian sling type back pack. Notice the rare 1950's Voit Lung two hose regulator.

Warren Jackman, Melbourne, Australia. Warren participated in a Guiness Book of Records attempt for the most amount of divers doing underwater ironing (of all things!) Note the cool Vintage Scuba Supply t-shirt!

William Pique of Cape Coral, FL began collecting vintage scuba items just a few months ago, and has been a force to reckon with on eBay lately. He poses here with his twin U.S. Divers tanks and Jet Air regulator.

With eBay's worldwide market, William has been able to build up a first class collection in a matter of months. Here he poses with a very rare 1950's French Hurricane spear gun.

Australian inventor Ted Eldred is shown here with his grandson at the City Baths (the site of the first diving school in Australia) in April of 2005. Ted is recognized as the inventor of the single hose regulator. He invented the Porpoise single hose regulator in 1949 and sold his first one in 1952. Photo courtesy of Stephen Taylor.

Steele Taylor of Australia, diving with his Aqua-Master. He is diving in the Great Southern Ocean and is holding a Leafy Sea Dragon. They are large sea horses and are found under the piers.

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