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If you have photos you would like to share of a dive experience using vintage scuba gear, please attach them in an email and send to Photos subject to approval.

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Charlie, diving Media Luna Hot Springs, Rio Verde Mexico, March 2009.

Charlie uses triple 44's and a French Royal Mistral.

Charlie also uses French Alcyon fins and an emergency surface inflator.

Warren Jackman (left) and friend, Melbourne, Australia, May 2004. The first official dive of the Bay City Scuba Twin Hose Divers Group. Warren is using a Royal Aquamaster.

Alec Peirce of Ontario, Canada. Alec owns and operates Scuba 2000/The Wet Shop, and has one of the largest Sea Hunt memorabilia collections in North America.

Alec and friends diving with vintage gear. Alec is using a late model Royal Aquamaster.

Alec uses a rare 1950's neon green tank boot.

Gayle Peterson (aka pearldiver) and her son, Dohn. Dohn is only ten in this photo, but he already loves diving and vintage gear. He is using a Nemrod horsecollar BC and lookin' good!

Here is Gayle, treasure hunting in her usual dive set-up, which includes a vintage Dacor tank.

Roger and Lisa Miller of Hawaii. These two vintage diving enthusiasts always take outstanding photos.

Lisa is diving a rebuilt Voit Trieste with pressure gauge, twin 1961 Voit 38's, vintage yellow Aquatic Pinna Nautilus fins, vintage Voit mask, and an older Bodyglove shot suit.

Lisa says "Aloha" to all the vintage divers out there!

Roger is diving twin 72's on this wreck dive, with a DA Aquamaster and his favorite vintage White Stag full power fins.

Alan Grant of Southern California tries out his two hose regulator (rebuilt here at Vintage Scuba Supply). He loves not having the bubbles in his face!

The Nautilus Diver and Nemo Suit rigs set up in display. Both built by Pat Regan.

Daniel Guignier of France started diving in 1958 at age 14. He now has logged over 12,000 dives!

Warren Jackman, Jan. 20th, 2005 on the wreck of the Ozone (an old paddle steamer) at Indented Head, Victoria, Australia.

Frank Onstine, of Blue Lake, CA, vintage diving near Catalina Island, off the coast of Southern California. Frank was using a DW Mistral. That's a huge fish in the background!

Here it is: an 8 ft. Giant Black Sea Bass. The fish swam right up to Frank and his dive buddy, and checked them out with its coffee cup sized eyes. A fish this size might be old enough to remember double hose regulators!

Stephen Taylor, Australia, spearfishing in 1962.

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