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1950-60's Scuba Diving
Magazine Covers.

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Here are some of the magazines from my collection that date from the 1940's - 1970's.

Popular Mechanics, May 1946.
The "mechanics" magazines started picking up on skin and scuba diving as early as 1946.

Mechanix Illustrated, July 1951.
The US Navy was one of the first to experiment with the 'new' SCUBA equipment.


Popular Mechanics, August 1951.
In the very early 50's, the US Navy was discovering the advantages of self contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Popular Mechanics, October 1952.
This issue features the first plans for an underwater tow sled.


Popular Science, July 1953.
Before commercial regulators were readily available, this magazine showed you how to build your own!

Sports Illustrated, May 1955.
This issue features the sport's newest sweetheart, Zale Parry, who set depth records and did stunt work in Hollywood.


Popular Science, June 1954.
Another issue showing how to
build your own scuba equipment.

Popular Science, July 1955.
In the mid 50's, Popular Science featured
scuba diving more than any other
"mechanics" magazine.

Adventure, November 1956.
Mens magazines were also capitalizing
on the popular sport of SCUBA diving.

Argosy, January 1957.
This issue has an impressive cover illustration, and an article about
Jacques Cousteau.


Science and Mechanics, July 1961.
Underwater scooters and submarines were a popular subject amongst science magazines.

Underwater Adventure.
'Trend' and 'Fawcett' publications printed magazines devoted entirely to the sport of SCUBA in the late 50's and early 60's.


Skin and Scuba Diving.
Fawcett Book #561, 1964.

Skin and Scuba Diver.
Fawcett Book #616, 1966.

Diving for Gold.  Late 1950's.

Skin Diving Annual, Trend Publications #147.


Skin and Scuba Diving.
Fawcett Book #640, 1967.

Young Miss, July 1971.
By the early 1970's, SCUBA enthusiasts included people of all ages.

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