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Navy Diving Manual
 #USN58 - U.S. Navy Diving Manual (NAVSHIPS 250-538), January 1959. Several hundred pages, loaded with actual photos, charts and drawings. Covers deep sea diving (Mark V), open circuit scuba (Scott Hydro-Pak, USD AquaMaster), closed circuit rebreathers (Laru, Pirelli Model LS-901 and Draeger Model Lt. Lund II) and much more.  Cover has previous owner's name and information. Inside pages are very clean.  Price $55.00.

US Divers Aqua Master Two Hose, 2 Stage Regulator Circa 1963.  Rebuilt with  new hoses, duckbill and mouthpiece  valves and low pressure seat. Nice label and crown, decent chrome. Regulator is in excellent condition, and is ready to use or display. Price $370.00

 #PS166 - Popular Science, Januaryr 1966. Cover story entitled "James Bond's Weird World of Inventions in "Thunderball".  Five page article with lots of great photos.  Some cover wear.  Price $8.00.

 #MI354 - Mechanix Illustrated, March 1954. Early issue to show scuba. Cover story entitled "Explorer's One-Man Sub".  Two page article with good photos.  Cover shows wear.   Price $10.00.

 Mechanix Illustrated, April 1966.  Cover story features an electric powered sub for under $150.00!.  Nine page article with good photos and complete plans.  Good condition.    Price $10.00.

Mechanix Illustrated, September 1962.  Cover story entitled, "Exploring Underwater in a Baby Sub".  Eight page article with good photos showing all the mini-subs and diver tow scooters available.  Great reference. Cover loose.    Price $10.00.

 #PM762 - Popular Mechanics, September  1962. Cover story entitled "Scuba Search".  Great 8 page article with many photos shows different ways of searching underwater with sonar, scooters, tow rigs, etc. Excellent  condition. Price $11.00.


Parkway Shortie  Men's 1/4" full step through wetsuit. All black, ex-military diver wetsuit. Fabric lined  inside and out. Zippers on wrists and cuffs. Chest is approximately 36 inches and waist is about 32 inches. Excellent condition.  Price $80.00. 

Navy and light blue men's XL 1/4" step through wetsuit. .Waist 36", inseam 28", chest approximately 42". Excellent condition. Price $75.00. 

Vintage Bayley. 1/4" delux wetsuit. Men's size large, chest approximately 40", waist 36" and inseam 27". Beavertail with knee pads and knife holder. Excellent condition. Price $75.00. 

US Divers Aqua Master Two Hose, 2 Stage Regulator Circa 1972.  Rebuilt with  new hoses, mouthpiece,  hose clamps. duckbill and mouthpiece cages and valves and low pressure seat. .Long yoke  for use with banjo fitting (not included). Regulator is in excellent condition, and is ready to use or display. Price $455.00
#UW612 -Underwater Summer 1961. Premier issue- Volume One, Number One. Short lived knock off of Skin Diver magazine with 57 pages, articles, black and white and color photos. One full page ad for Mercury outboards includes Zale Parry.
 Cover shows wear but overall in good condition. Very hard to find. Price $40.00.

#NMYH - U.S. Divers Seamed Yellow Hoses. Newly designed neoprene hoses that are 100% accurate in size, thickness, shape, diameter, number of convolutions and even material. These are correct for the USD Mistral, early DA AquaMaster, late model Jet Air, and Viking and Norseman twin hose regulators.  And they will also fit any US Divers double hose regulator that uses a 1½ inch mouthpiece. Price $45.00/pair. On sale now! Price $40.00/pair.

Clear MP Valves
#CMPV - One-way mouthpiece valves in clear silicone. New reproductions, fit US Divers and Voit. $10.00/pair.
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Inquire about 10% discount on 10 or more valves (5 pairs).

Post Power Pak  Post  Post 
1950's Post Power Pak Underwater Scooter

The Post Power Pak is unique in that it clamps to the back of your steel 72 tank and you reach back behind you to operate the 2 position toggle switch. As with most of these early scooters, this one uses a small 12 volt car battery for power. The battery box measures approximately 5 inches wide, 6 inches tall and 10 inches long. The scooter is 31 inches tall and approximately 10 inches in diameter.
Condition: This unit (serial number 356) is generally complete and original. It has been painted green over the original yellow paint but all the original decals have been left intact. The 12 volt motor does work but some of the internal wiring may need to be replaced from the switch to the motor due to the condition of the insulation. The on/off toggle switch had a rubber boot over it to keep out moisture and the rubber boot has perished. Price $600.00.

Voit Repair Manual
#VSMRM - 1970's Service manual for AMF Voit & Swimaster Professional Diving Equipment Repair Manual. Original dealer shop manual in 3 ring binder. Covers the complete overhaul of many of the 1970's Voit regulators including the Trieste, MR12, Titan II, Dolphin and some tank valves. Many fold out, exploded view drawings.   Price $75.00.

Navy Diving Manual
 #USN70 - U.S. Navy Diving Manual (NAVSHIPS 0994-001-9010), March 1970. Several hundred pages (manual is 2 inches thick!), loaded with actual photos, charts and drawings. Covers introduction to diving,  underwater physics, deep sea diving (Mark V), open circuit scuba (USD AquaMaster), closed circuit rebreathers, emergency procedures, marine life,  and much more.  Very minor stains on cover and name written on the edge of the pages, otherwise very good condition. Price $50.00.

Strean Air    
US Divers DW "Strean Air" Two Hose, One Stage Regulator (SN 64493). Circa 1956, An original regulator new original hoses, duckbill and mouthpiece valves. Label is original and in excellent condition.  Chrome is above average but not perfect. Rebuilt and ready to use. Getting hard to find.  Price $425.00.

62 ScubaPro
#RM-SP62.  1962 Technical manual for ScubaPro Scuba Equipment. This is the first year for Scubapro and all the items in this manual are Healthways as Scubapro had not yet developed their own products. Many of the pages are indentical to the 1962 Healthways manual. Includes basic instructions for use and maintenance of all Healthways scuba equipment.  31 page xerox reproduction, folded and stapled just like the original. Includes single  hose repair with  trouble shooting and exploded view drawings.  Price $17.00.

1970's AMF MR-12Has 2 LP ports and one HP port. Includes BC inflator hose. One of the best regs to come out of the 1970's and 80's. Excellent condition- beautiful label. Working condition. Price $85.00.

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