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Vintage Scuba Regulator Boxes and Packaging

Up until now, this entire web site has showcased only my personal collection. However, these new pages related to factory packaging contain photos by others as well. As a serious collector, I have always been fascinated by the boxes that these vintage items were sold in. As any collector will know, the packaging is generally far more scarce than the item itself, because most of the boxes were thrown away. Consequently, many collectors don't even know what the original packaging looked like.

Items in the original boxes always sell for a lot more money, and sometimes these items are outside of my budget. So I have been collecting photos from eBay and other sources, showing items with their original boxes in order to create these pages. If any of the photos shown here are copyrighted, or if you, the owner, would like a photo credit or the photo removed, please let me know. Also, if any collectors would like to share photos of their vintage scuba items with original packaging, please email them and I'd be happy to post them.

Trademark Reg Trademark Reg Box
1953 U.S. Divers "Trademark" 2 Stage Regulator

<>Voit Lung
Voit Lung Box
Circa 1959 Voit Lung Two Hose Regulator

DA Box
1956 U.S. Divers Navy Type DA Box

Healthways Box
1960-62 Healthways Scuba De Luxe

DA with Box
DA Box
1960 U.S. Divers DA Aqua-Master

Jet Air
Jet Air Box
1961 U.S. Divers Jet Air

Dacor C2
Dacor Box
1963-1966 Dacor Clipper C-2

Snark III
Snark III
Circa 1970's Nemrod Snark III Silver

Mistral Box
Mistral Box
Circa 1959 U.S. Divers DW Mistral Single Stage Regulator

1963-1966 Healthways Scuba Single Stage Two Hose Regulator

Mid to late 1960's Voit V22 Trieste

Aquamaster II
Late 1960's U.S. Divers Aqua-Lung Aqua-Master II, made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and sold only in Japan.

US Divers Reg Box
1973 U. S. Divers Royal Aqua-Master, the last of the two hose regulators.

Voit Polaris
1960's Voit Swimaster Polaris Single Hose Regulator

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