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Eastern European Two Hose Regulators

Croatian Duro-Dakovic HR-M74, probably from the 1970's or 1980's.

Medi military two stage, two hose regulator of Russian design, made in East Germany. With DIN fitting. Circa 1970's.

USSR (Russian) two hose military regulator. Probably made in the 1960's or 1970's. The hoses are canvas-covered rubber, similar to gas mask hoses.

Two Hose Regulator
1960's double hose regulator, made in the Ukraine, USSR. Very scarce model with a unique lever on the tank side that probably acts like a purge valve. The hose and mouthpiece assembly are the same as used on the Russian models.

1960's Chirana PL401 double hose regulator, made in Czechoslavakia. This model was used in conjunction with a full face mask, and the mouthpiece has no one-way check valves.

Two Polish Kaiman Regulators, probably made for the military. Circa 1960's.

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