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Two Hose Regulators - U.S.A.

A very early Aqua-Lung (Trade Mark) by US Divers, probably from 1952 or 1953. This one has a blue label and the original one piece hose and mouthpiece assembly.
stream air
US Divers DW "Stream Air". This is a one stage regulator and was made around 1957. Eventually the "Stream Air" name was dropped, and these models were simply called "Mistral".
DA Aqua-Master
The DA AquaMaster was introduced in 1958 and featured yellow hoses and a yellow mouthpiece. This was the first US Divers regulator with a hookah port, that allowed for surface supplied diving.
DA Aqua-Master
In 1959, the DA AquaMaster was sold with a black mouthpiece instead of yellow, but retained the yellow hoses. During the first few years of production, the DA's were not serialized.
DW Mistral
The US Divers DW Mistral was developed from the StreamAir, and introduced in 1958. It featured "Venturi Action", which greatly reduced breathing effort. The Mistrals were always easily identified by their bright yellow hoses.
DW Mistral
The Mistral at left is an original example of a 1958 model, complete with yellow hoses and mouthpiece. Around 1959 or 1960, they replaced the yellow mouthpiece with black, as in the example above, and added serial numbers to the identification plate.
Navy Type DA
US Divers Navy Type DA From 1956, this was the last year that the exhaust valve housing unscrewed from the upper case. The next model, the DA Aqua-Master, was much better breathing due to a revised lever and nozzle assembly.
Aqua-Lung Original Box
This is the original box for the 1956 Navy Type DA.
Royal Aqua-Master
The US Divers Royal Aquamaster was the top of the line regulator for US Divers. It had a balanced first stage, and larger internal ports for better breathing at depths. Manufactured from 1964-1975.
Royal Aqua-Master
The US Divers Royal AquaMaster changed to a round adhesive label around 1970 and continued until US Divers discontinued the two hose regulator in 1975. The Royal was fully  balanced and was considered one of the finest breathing two hose regulators ever made.
Voit Lung
This Voit Lung is a single stage and dates to the late 1950's. It featured green hoses and a green straight mouthpiece, which are almost impossible to find today. This regulator was made famous on the popular TV series "Sea Hunt", with Lloyd Bridges.
Voit 50 Fathom
Voit 50 Fathom regulator, an inexpensive single stage model, internally very similar to the US Divers Mistral. Voit used gray hoses and mouthpiece to distinguish themselves. This model is factory painted blue.
Voit Navy
The Voit Navy regulator was two stage and unbalanced, with the same internal parts as the US Divers DA Aquamaster. This model featured gray hoses and a gray mouthpiece.
Voit Trieste
One of Voit's last and finest two hose regulators, the Trieste was considerably smaller than the average regulator. The Triestes always featured an LP and HP port for accessories. Circa mid 1960's to early 1970's.
Healthways SCUBA
Early 1960's Healthways model "Scuba" single stage regulator.  This was a very popular regulator during the 1960's, because it was inexpensive and breathed well.
Healthways SCUBA
This is the last model of two hose Healthways, dating from 1963-1966. It was the best breathing of the line, because of the added "venturi jet".
Dacor Lung
The Dacor Lung was introduced in 1955. This example is one of the first models, prior to the introduction of the Dial-A-Breath feature. It was unique in that it featured a dual diaphragm and a three piece body.

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