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Vintage Tank Decals
A Small Sampling from the 1960's to 1970's

Healthways Galvnized Steel 72
Circa 1960.

US Divers Painted Steel 72
Circa 1960.

Nemrod Steel 72, from Spain
Circa 1972.

Healthways Painted Steel 72
Circa 1968.

One of the first USD Aluminum 80's
Circa 1974. 

Top decal of tank pictured at left. 
This tank also has a nice blue,
rubber boot with the USD logo.
Circa 1974. 
This 1970 Healthways label wraps around the entire tank.

This Voit tank is from 1959. Similar ones
were used in the TV show, 'Sea Hunt'.

The earliest 'scuba' tanks were converted WWII aviator's oxygen tanks of about 40 c.f., fitted with a standard scuba valve. US Divers first started selling tanks designed especially for scuba in about 1951. They were rated at 2150 psi, and had a concave bottom so as to stand on their own. These tanks were usually stamped 'RENE' - he was the first to sell them from his sporting goods shop in southern California. Some earlier scuba tanks came from Canada and France, but they are rarely seen in this country today.

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