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Since 1997, Vintage Scuba Supply has been a hub for antique and vintage SCUBA divers, providing service and sales of parts and supplies, as well as an online SCUBA museum. I have been collecting vintage scuba gear for over 40 years now and it's time to reduce my inventory. I have one of the largest collections in the country, including a 1946 French CG 45, every model of U.S. Divers two hose regulator, and vintage regulators from at least a dozen different countries, plus tanks dating as far back as 1949, backpacks, knives, masks, fins, depth gauges and more.  I also have an extensive collection of vintage scuba books, magazines, and catalogs. All will be for sale over time. If there are specific items that you are looking for, please email with your list. I also have tooling available to make reproduction hoses, mouthpiece valves and duckbill valves. 

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