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1954 Divair - "Announcing DIVAIR Demand Regulator, the Newest in Diving."

1957 Voit - "The Finest Equipment in Diving."

1958 Desco Dolphin - The Desco Dolphin Lung and the Desco U.S. Navy Type Full Face Mask.

1958 US Divers - "The One and Only Aqua-Lung, DA Aqua-Master Deluxe Two-Stage Regulator, DA Navy Standard Navy Two-Stage Regulator, DW Mistral Single Stage Regulator, AM Aqua-Matic Single Hose Two-Stage Regulator.

1958 Healthways - Healthways Scuba Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

1959 US Divers - "1959 DA Aqua-Master, the most advanced, lightest breathing regulator ever built."

1959 Nemrod - By Seamless "The only triple stage regulators..."

1962 US Divers - Aqua-Master, Mistral, and Jet-Air

Early 1960's Dacor - Dacor Dial-A-Breath Regulator, "The World's First and Only Double Diaphragm Two State Regulator."

1962 Desco - Full Face Protection, and Desco's New "SAF-T-EYE".

1966 US Divers - Royal Aqua-Master

1966 US Divers - Aqua-Master, Royal Mistral, and Mistral

1960 Two Hose and Single Hose Comparison by Sportsways Waterlung, "conceived on principles that have no precedent in design and engineering. A Single hose two stage regulator, the world's finest, most advanced... with depth compensated automatic air reserve!"

1957 Mel's Aqua Shop - Redondo Beach, California, "See-Sea" "Push Button" Underwater Pressure Gauges, and Fenjohn "Make-It-Yourself" suit kit.

1968 Gold Plated Royal Aqua-Master, only 100 of them ever made, in honor of the 25th birthday of the Aqua-Lung. Each in a mahogany chest with gold plate suitable for engraving, and a commemorative certificate signed by Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau included.

1957 Mar-Mac's Gauge and Banjo Fitting "shows you how much air you have in your tanks, before you dive and during your dive."

1959 Taylor Wrist Gauge - "Skin Diver's Depth Gage" and "Skin Diver's Compass. Taylor Instruments Mean Accuracy First."

1962 Healthways Automatic Decompression Meter - "Is it safe to go up now?"

1959 Sportsways Navy Depth Gauge - "Scientifically designed direct-reading revolving dial, same as used on supersonic aircraft instrument panels."

1959 Rolleimarin Underwater Housing for Rolleiflex 3.5 Cameras