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#BASCU3 - Fred M. Roberts wrote two different editions of his classic scuba instruction and reference manual, "Basic Scuba", starting in 1960, with an enlarged second edition in 1963. The second edition was released again in 1977 in paperback.  Roberts had been diving since age 8 and his careers included mechanical engineering, diving equipment sales, scuba instructor, and experiments in deep diving on air.

If you are a vintage scuba diving enthusiast, collector, or just interested in the history of the sport, Basic Scuba is the best book ever published on the subject, hands down. The books contain actual photographs, exploded view and cutaway drawings, charts and graphs to tell you everything you need to know about all the scuba gear manufactured at the time of printing. And here is a rare opportunity to get all three copies of the book, complete with dust jackets for the first two editions. These are in excellent condition and will greatly expand your knowledge of early scuba regulators and scuba history.  Price $395.00.

British Sub-Aqua Club Diving Log, Qualification Book, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Diver Qualification Patches. Rare and original lot of British Sub-Aqua Club items dating from the late 1970's and early 80's. Hard to find in the U.K. and very scarce in North America. All of these items are new old stock and never used although the Qualification Record has the slightest discoloration on the front cover- barely noticeable. Both booklets are filled with great info including hand signals, decompression tables, diving regulations, safety and much more. Price $48.00.

#USN63 - U.S. Navy Diving Manual (NAVSHIPS 250-538), July 1963. Several hundred pages, loaded with actual photos, charts and drawings. Covers deep sea diving (Mark V), open circuit scuba (Scott Hydro-Pak, USD AquaMaster), closed circuit rebreathers (Laru, Pirelli Model LS-901 and Draeger Model Lt. Lund II) and much more.  Some stains near top of cover, otherwise manual is in excellent condition. Price $55.00.

#VSMRM - 1970's Service manual for AMF Voit & Swimaster Professional Diving Equipment Repair Manual. Original dealer shop manual in 3 ring binder. Covers the complete overhaul of many of the 1970's Voit regulators including the Trieste, MR12, Titan II, Dolphin and some tank valves. Many fold out, exploded view drawings. Price $75.00.

#USNH - U.S. Navy Diving AND Manned Hyperbaric Systems Safety Certification Manual (SS521-AA-MAN-010), October 1987. Six chapters and 12 Appendix's (manual is 1/2 inch thick). Clean, unused manual with nice plastic cover. Hard to find. Price $35.00.

#BSAC - Vintage British Sub-Aqua Club Diving Log Book. 20 pages, measures 4 by 6 inches. New old stock! Price $12.00.