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UDT Duck Feet, New Old Stock. Sold by a number of different companies since the 1950's, including Swimaster and Voit. These particular fins were made by Voit about 30 years ago using the original 1950's molds. They are size Extra Large. The foot pocket from the toe to the back of the strap measures 11 inches, and the overall length of the fin is 21 1/2 inches. Used by Underwater Demolition and SEAL Teams throughout the 1950's and 60's, these rather stiff fins give a strong swimmer a lot of power. Price $130.00.

U.S. Divers Super Rocket Fins, size Extra Large. Super Rocket Fins are a U.S. Divers knock-off of the famous Scubapro Jet Fin. The "Super" added to the name means extra length and width, and although no size is listed, I would call them Extra Large.  The overall length of the fin is 21 1/2 inches and the foot pocket is 8 1/2 inches deep, with the strap adding many more inches for the largest foot.  This pair of fins is in new condition, in the original box with paperwork - a very rare find. Price $130.00.

1960's Voit Viking fins. Size large and still very usable. Price $40.00 pair.

Scubapro Jet fins - the most copied fin of all time. Size Large. Rubber in excellent condition. Price $65.00.

Vintage US Divers "Rocket Fins" - a Scubapro Jet Fin knockoff. "Fits all sizes" and have new straps.  Excellent condition.  Price $50.00.

1970's AMF Voit Custom Duck Feet Fins (model 3F45-M). Size Medium (fits shoe size 7-8). Blue/Black color. New old stock, still sealed in original package. Price $75.00.

Various pairs of 1960's Voit Viking fins. Starting to perish - FOR DISPLAY ONLY.  Price $35.00 per pair. Please Inquire.