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1940's - 1950's DESCO JACK BROWNE SURFACE SUPPLIED FULL FACE DIVING MASK. This is one of my favorite surface supplied masks because the quality is unmatched by anything made today. This is an early model as seen by the port fitting for a "breathing bag". It was of an early "bail out" fitting and used a sort of air bag that went around your neck like a huge collar. This bag held a small amount of air and so if you lost surface air, you could move the little lever on the side block that would open the port to the breathing bag and give you a small amount of reserve air.  The mask works fine without the bag, and you could cap the fitting, adapt it to a bail out bottle, or leave it as is. Everything about this mask is in great shape -- the rubber is soft and supple, the face seal looks perfect and seals great, and the straps are clean, strong and ready to use. The plastic lens has some typical scratches, but they disappear as soon as they get wet. I have not tested this mask, so it is sold "as is" but since DESCO still sells the Jack Browne (for around $850), if you did need parts, they are still available. Price $325.00.

1960's DACOR BLUE OVAL SCUBA DIVING MASK MINT CONDITION IN ORIGINAL BOX. Model DM30, "Equalizer", has a 6 inch tempered glass lens, a single edge face seal and nose pockets for easy clearing. I have to say, this is one of the nicest 40 year old masks that I've ever seen - the condition is as if it was made yesterday! It has never been used and the original blue strap has never even been threaded through the buckles. Price $125.00.

#CLMK - Six-inch oval, clear silicone mask. With nose pockets. Brand new, made in Taiwan. Price $45.00.

Hard to find original Sears Orange Rubber Oval Mask, about 6 inches wide, tempered glass lens, made in Italy.  Has single edge face seal and nose clearing pockets.  The mask is in excellent condition with NO perishing and could be used, but the orange strap is perished and good for display only. Price $60.00.

Oceanways Pacific Scuba Diving Mask, New Old Stock in Box. Tempered 6" glass lens, double face seal and finger wells for easy clearing. Top of the line mask made in Torrance, CA. In perfect condition and ready to use or display. Made in the USA! Price $65.00.

Vintage US Divers "JM Cousteau" Mask.  Clear silicone rubber skirt with tempered glass lens and original strap. Excellent condition.  Price $45.00.

1980's Tri-View Mask.  Clear silicone skirt with pink frame and tempered glass lens.  Excellent condition.  Price $45.00.

Technisub "Nova" Low Profile Silicone Mask with tempered glass lens. High quality - Italian made. Vintage mask but new old stock in original box (box well-worn from storage). Price $55.00.

La Spirotechnique/Technisub "Bella" Mask with tempered glass lens and silicone skirt. New old stock - never in water! Silicone rubber in perfect condition and ready to use. Price $49.00.

Cressi-sub "Occhio" Mask with tempered glass lens and silicone skirt. New old stock - never in water! Silicone rubber in perfect condition and ready to use. Smaller size, for child or small face. Price $45.00.