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1970's UNKOWN BC & TANK BACKPACK -- Unusual combination backpack and BC that must use water as buoyancy control although I'm not exactly sure how it works. The logo is a black turtle inside a chrome circle that is about the size of a quarter. A very rare piece for the vintage collector. Price $135.00.

1960's Healthways Twin Tank Backpack for 6.9-inch diameter tanks (steel 72's, 38's, 42's). Steel frame with plastic coating to prevent corrosion, two galvanized steel bands and 2" straps with a crotch strap and quick release buckle. 50 plus years old, but in good condition and ready to use. Price $95.00.

Voit Snug Pack Circa 1960's. Excellent condition with a stainless-steel tank band and original decal. Price $50.00.

Dacor Back Pack Circa 1970's. This is new old stock and features a stainless-steel tank band and two stainless steel buckles. Price $70.00.

1960 U.S. Divers Steel 72 cu. ft. tank with hard-to-find USD rubber boot and plastic backpack. All original survivor! The tank was first hydro'd in 1960, then again in 1968 and in 1975. It has a 1 inch 0-ring post valve with reserve and reserve pull rod. I have not looked inside but it has had air in it all of these years and is probably in good condition inside. Price $195.00.

Original U.S. Divers triple 44 cu. ft. tanks with manifold, bands and pull rod (not shown). The tanks date from 1958 and 1959 and the manifold is dated 1961. I have not inspected the inside of the tanks because to me, the value is in the rig as a whole. They are most likely in good shape. Sorry, but due to size and weight, I cannot ship for free. Price $800.00 plus shipping to your zip code. Please inquire.

U.S. Divers military 80 cu. ft. twin tanks with solid bar manifold in original wooden shipping crate. Due to size and weight, I cannot ship for free. Please inquire for more details. Price $350 plus shipping. 

Extremely Rare Rhodium-Plated U.S. Divers Jewelry - Scuba Gear Charm Bracelet, Spear Fisherman Cufflinks, and Twin Hose w/ Tank Tie Clasp. Listed in the 1960 U.S. Divers catalog for one year only, where one had to "write for special brochure and price list".
Rhodium itself is quite rare, and more expensive than both gold and platinum. It is extremely hard, and highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, even when exposed to salt air conditions. Its color is near to bright white, and it catches the light with more intensity than other metals. If you're looking for high-quality jewelry, rhodium is your best choice.
Charm Bracelet - Price $120.00.
Cuff Links - Price $100.00.
Tie Clasp - Price $100.00.

Charm Bracelet

Cuff Links

Tie Clasp

Bendeez Adaptor for treating the bends. Uses standard scuba regulator. Manufactured in Australia at least 30 years ago and although it was made for the American market, not many were sold here. Very hard to find. The device allows you to breathe pure oxygen from a standard medical or welding oxygen tank to ease symptoms of decompression sickness (the bends) after a diving medical emergency. With the "Bendeez" secured to the oxygen tank, you can now clamp your standard 1st stage scuba regulator to the adaptor and breathe the oxygen just like you breathe from a scuba tank. Please have medical training BEFORE you use this device. This is designed for surface breathing only and breathing pure oxygen underwater deeper then 20 feet can cause injury or death. Price $125.00.

SCUBAPRO Air 2 Integrated Power Inflator & 2nd Stage Regulator with power inflator hose and oral hose. The regulator does work but because of its age is being sold "as is". Price $70.00.

Vintage Aquatech Vanguard No-Decompression Monitor in case. New old stock, complete except for the instruction manual. I have no idea if it works, how it works, and don't know whether or not it needs a battery so selling "as is". This is a very hard item to find and a classic piece of scuba diving history. Price $95.00.

1960's HEALTHWAYS TWIN SCUBA TANK YOKE MANIFOLD -- An interesting and unique manifold with a circle bent into the tubing. The distance between the tank valves is 7 1/2 inches (from the measurement of the bar on the manifold). Excellent condition and ready to use. Price $95.00.

TWIN TANK BAR YOKE MANIFOLD, RATED 3500 PSI. Not labeled but it may be manufactured by Dacor. The distance between the tank valves is 7 3/8" (from the measurement of the solid bar on the manifold). Price $125.00.

Vintage 1960's DACOR Tank Tester Bottle Gauge, 0- 3500 PSI. Price $60.00.

Arguably this is probably the best analog depth gauge ever made and the fact that they were used by militaries worldwide supports this. This low profile 2 3/8" diameter gauge is Swiss made with a 4-jewel movement, chrome plated brass case and a crystal lens. It is altitude adjustable, and the needle can be zeroed. This particular model reads to 80 meters but is especially made to be most accurate up to 25 meters for shallow water oxygen rebreather stealth diving. This one is in almost new condition and comes with an instruction booklet.  Price $175.00.

Princeton Tectonics 260 ft Depth Gauge. This is one of the finest analog depth gauges ever made. They were used by the US Navy SEAL Team for years. Swiss made with a chrome plated low profile brass housing, crystal lens, altitude compensating and zero adjustment screws.  Excellent condition. Price $125.00.

Vintage Scubapro Wrist Type Depth Gauge. This high-quality gauge is from the 1970's or 80's, features a green face and a 0-250 ft. range. Oil filled and tested. Ready to use. Price $28.00.

Ikelite Aquashot underwater camera housing. Not sure what camera fits in it. Excellent condition, great for display or to use. Price $18.00.

1970's Dacor Diver's float. Unopened in the original package.  Price $32.00.

1950's Swimaster LifeGard. Heavy duty twin cartridge model with belt/chest strap. New old stock, brand new in the original box with new CO2 cartridges. Price $75.00.

Early US Divers Bayonet Style BC Hose. Price $15.00.

Quick release buckles for use with 2 inch webbing. Would work great for backpacks, BC harnesses, and more.  Price $8.00 each.

Two Gauge rubber console. Good condition - no gauges included. Price $15.00.

Vintage Horse Collar BC's.  Good for display or repair - not holding air. Nice for display. Email with needs (color, manufacturer, etc.) Price $25.00 each.

Variety of used BC hoses in various lengths. Email with needs (length, quick disconnect style, etc.) Price $10.00.

Various 3/4" o-ring "K" and "J" valves. Excellent working condition. Email with needs. Price $45.00 each and up.

US Divers, Sherwood, Seamco, Dacor, etc. Need a different style valve? Contact me.