Gauges and Other Accessories

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Extremely Rare Rhodium-Plated U.S. Divers Jewelry - Scuba Gear Charm Bracelet, Spear Fisherman Cufflinks, and Twin Hose w/ Tank Tie Clasp. Listed in the 1960 U.S. Divers catalog for one year only, where one had to "write for special brochure and price list".
Rhodium itself is quite rare, and more expensive than both gold and platinum. It is extremely hard, and highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, even when exposed to salt air conditions. Its color is near to bright white, and it catches the light with more intensity than other metals. If you're looking for high-quality jewelry, rhodium is your best choice.
Charm Bracelet - Price $120.00.
Cuff Links - Price $100.00.
Tie Clasp - Price $100.00.

Charm Bracelet

Cuff Links

Tie Clasp

Vintage Aquatech Vanguard No-Decompression Monitor in case. New old stock, complete with instructions taken from Skin Diver magazine. Needs a battery so selling "as is". This is a very hard item to find and a classic piece of scuba diving history. Price $95.00.

1970's U.S. DIVERS WEIGHT BELT & BUCKLE, New! Weight belt or backpack 2" black web strap with stainless steel buckle - the same as used in Boba Fett's jet pack harness from The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Price $70.00.

UWTEC Compact Swiss Made DEPTH GAUGE. Wrist type depth gauge of the highest caliber. These were used by militaries worldwide. It has a low profile 2 3/8" diameter gauge, a Swiss 4 jewel movement, luminescent dial, chrome plated brass case and a crystal lens. It is zero and altitude adjustable and reads 0 to 80 meters. Owner's manual is included. Price $145.00.

VINTAGE PARKWAY WRIST TYPE DEPTH GAUGE 0-150 FT, 0-40 METERS - NEW IN BOX! Can be used as a wrist depth gauge with attached Velcro wrist strap or used in a console. Is labeled in feet and meters with large numbers and a glow in the dark dial. Price $75.00.

1950's to 1970's U.S. DIVERS AQUA GUIDE WRIST COMPASS. From the U.S. Divers catalog, "Fluid filled sighting compass with leveling bubble. Luminous markings and rubber strap. Accurate at any depth." In good working condition. Price $48.00.

1950's Under Water Skin Diving Compass, New in Box. This wrist compass was made in Japan in the late 1950's or early 1960's. It is in mint condition and comes in the original box with instructions. It says it's "guaranteed for pressures down to 300 feet". Kid, please don't try this at home without your decompression chamber and medical staff present! U.S. Divers sold a very similar copy of this compass in the late 1950's, and I'm sure they were from the same company. Price $65.00.

Princeton Tectonics 260 ft Depth Gauge. This is one of the finest analog depth gauges ever made. They were used by the US Navy SEAL Team for years. Swiss made with a chrome plated low profile brass housing, crystal lens, altitude compensating and zero adjustment screws.  Excellent condition. Price $125.00.

Ikelite Aquashot underwater camera housing. Not sure what camera fits in it. Excellent condition, great for display or to use. Price $18.00.

1970's Dacor Diver's float. Unopened in the original package.  Price $32.00.

1950's Swimaster LifeGard. Heavy duty twin cartridge model with belt/chest strap. New old stock, brand new in the original box with new CO2 cartridges. Price $75.00.

Scuba 1st Stage Regulator 3 Extra Port Adaptor. Choice of block style or Tee. These are vintage parts, chrome plated brass and made in the USA. Price $25.00 ea.

Two Gauge rubber console. Good condition - no gauges included. Price $15.00.