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If you are looking for a two-hose regulator to actually dive with, a US Divers or Voit is the only way to go. The design has been around since the 1940's and was improved upon until 1975 when production ceased.  They used a minimum of parts, with a proven design that would last a lifetime. Also, more US Divers and Voit regulators were made than any other two hose regulator, so more new-old-stock and used parts are available. I specialize in US Divers and Voit two hose regulators, but I can service some other brands as well.

1967 U.S. DIVERS ROYAL AQUAMASTER TWO HOSE, TWO STAGE, BALANCED REGULATOR. With a serial number of 13891, I believe this Royal AquaMaster dates to around 1967-68. The Royal was the top of the line regulator for U.S. Divers and one of the best double hose regulators ever built. This one has been rebuilt, has new hoses and valves and it works great. It is very clean inside and out and was used in fresh water only. The label is exceptional for a Royal of this era because the paint usually wore off very quickly. It breathes great and is ready to dive or display. Price $450.00.

Rare 1955 Northill Two Hose Regulator. All original and very clean. Original mouthpiece is very stiff, hoses are nice. I believe this was the first year of production. Untested. Price $650.00.

1940's - 1950's DESCO JACK BROWNE SURFACE SUPPLIED FULL FACE DIVING MASK. This is one of my favorite surface supplied masks because the quality is unmatched by anything made today. This is an early model as seen by the port fitting for a "breathing bag". It was of an early "bail out" fitting and used a sort of air bag that went around your neck like a huge collar. This bag held a small amount of air and so if you lost surface air, you could move the little lever on the side block that would open the port to the breathing bag and give you a small amount of reserve air.  The mask works fine without the bag, and you could cap the fitting, adapt it to a bail out bottle, or leave it as is. Everything about this mask is in great shape -- the rubber is soft and supple, the face seal looks perfect and seals great, and the straps are clean, strong and ready to use. The plastic lens has some typical scratches, but they disappear as soon as they get wet. I have not tested this mask, so it is sold "as is" but since DESCO still sells the Jack Browne (for around $850), if you did need parts, they are still available. Price $325.00.

1954 U.S. Divers (Trademark) Two Stage, Double Hose Regulator, Serial Number 26543. This is an all original, un-molested survivor with the original one-piece hose assembly and Tinnerman hose clamps. It has not been tested.  Price $675.00.

1970s English BLACK PRINCE Double Hose/Two Hose Single Stage Regulator by SUBMARINE PRODUCTS LTD. Single stage, very basic. No hose assembly. Untested. Very hard to find in the USA. Price $175.00.

1970s ATLANTIC Double Hose Regulator, Made in England by SUBMARINE PRODUCTS LTD. Single stage, very basic. No hose assembly. Untested. Very hard to find in the USA.  Price $175.00.

VINTAGE CLASSIC! AMF SWIMASTER MR12 SINGLE HOSE REGULATOR. New in box. One of the finest regulators ever built. This one dates to the 1970's and was made in Santa Ana, California. Price $150.00.

1960 VOIT 40 FATHOM Single Hose Regulator.
I believe this is the 2nd model of single hose regulator that Voit sold, circa 1960. The first stage has one auxiliary port. The original gray mouthpiece is intact. Working condition unknown - for display or restoration. Price $85.00.

This is the second model of single hose regulator that U.S. Divers ever sold, after the AquaMatic. It has one LP and one HP port, and the HP port has the hard-to-find pin type pressure indicator that tells you how much pressure is in the tank. This regulator has shiny chrome and all the labels. The exhaust tee is starting to perish but is still fully functional.  The regulator does work but because of its 60 plus years of age is being sold "as is". Price $65.00.

US Divers DW Mistrals, DA Aqua-Masters and DA Navy Approved Two Hose Regulators.

I always have these models in stock, complete with hose assemblies, rebuilt and ready to dive. Priced from $350 and up, depending on condition and rarity. Please inquire.